Everything you need to know about AutoCAD

AutoCAD is a software program which has been used in many industries for the last many years. It is a kind of software that helps designers, architects, and engineers to create a design. It is effortless to use, and user-friendly with the help of Auto cad one can draft the 2D design with high accuracy, which is difficult to achieve on a drawing sheet.

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What is AutoCAD ? What does AutoCAD stand for ?

AutoCAD refers to the 2D OR 3D computer-assisted drafting software application which is used in construction, designing and manufacturing to assist in the groundwork of blueprints and other engineering plans. Auto Cad stands for Automated Computer-aided design.  The files can also be easily saved and stored in the cloud, so they can be accessed anywhere at any time. Here are a few other benefits of AutoCAD:

  • Easy Edits: Before the age of computers, a designer would have to manually revise designs. You would have to create an entirely new draft or edit the draft you had, which could become messy and difficult to interpret. With AutoCAD, you can easily change and manipulate designs.
  • Faster Production: You can create a reusable block library to replicate design parts. Got a window system that works well? Use it again. A manufacturing component that you’ll need over and over? Save it to your block library to increase efficiency. Saved files can be used and reused later, which makes the design process faster than if you did it by hand.
  • Better Accuracy: You can only draw something so small by hand, but AutoCAD allows you to design down to fractions. This creates a more accurate design in all dimensions.

Who Uses AutoCAD?

As a CAD Drafter, you could use AutoCAD across a variety of industries. In mechanical engineering, you might use it to create manufacturing processes as well as to design motor parts, robots and other innovative objects. In electrical engineering, you might use it to map out electrical systems, and in civil engineering, you might use it as you help to design bridges and roads. Here are other professionals who use AutoCAD:

  • Architects: AutoCAD is often used to create blueprints and floor plans for houses and commercial buildings. It also comes with built-in tools that can analyze and remedy weaknesses in a building’s design.
  • Interior Designers: Similarly, AutoCAD can be used to imagine the interior of a building, whether it’s an eating space for a restaurant or a living space in a home.
  • Fine Artists: The abilities of AutoCAD are so wide ranging that even artists use it to draft sculptures, wood carvings, engravings, and experimental art pieces.

Benefits of AutoCAD :

8 Advantages of AutoCAD

  • Draw to Scale. One of the main benefits of AutoCAD is that it allows you to draw to scale.
  • Easy Layout and Viewing.
  • Draw Accurately.
  • Make Changes Easily and Reduce Risk of Error.
  • Identify Design Problems.
  • Calculate Material Quantities for Production.
  • Store and Transfer Data Safely.
  • Save Time and Money.

What are two advantages of CAD?

The Many Benefits of CAD

  • Increases Productivity.
  • Higher Quality Designs.
  • Reuse and Easily Change Designs.
  • Easier to Read.
  • Simplified Sharing.
  • Documenting the Design.
  • Skill of the Designer.
  • Designing Physical Objects in a Virtual Workspace.

Who uses CAD ?

CAD software is used in several occupations.

  • Drafters. Drafters are sometimes called CAD operators because they rely on the design software to perform their jobs.
  • Architects. Architects design structures such as homes, skyscrapers, shopping malls and government offices.
  • Engineers.
  • Marine Engineers and Naval Architects.

Is AutoCAD good to learn?

If you are looking to add a competitive edge to your professional portfolio and resume,learning the AutoCAD software is a great way to develop skills within the industry. AutoCAD drafters use Autodesk’s design software to prepare 2D and 3D technical drawings in different AutoCAD careers.

Duties of Draftsman

Drafters typically do the following:

  • Design plans using computer-aided design (CAD) software
  • Work from rough sketches and specifications created by engineers and architects
  • Design products with engineering and manufacturing techniques
  • Add details to architectural plans from their knowledge of building techniques
  • Specify dimensions, materials, and procedures for new products
  • Work under the supervision of engineers or architects

The following are examples of types of drafters:

  • Architectural drafters draw structural features and details for buildings and other construction projects. These workers may specialize in a type of building, such as residential or commercial. They may also specialize in the materials used, such as steel, wood, or reinforced concrete.
  • Civil drafters prepare topographical maps used in construction and civil engineering projects, such as highways, bridges, and dams.
  • Electrical drafters prepare wiring diagrams that construction workers use to install and repair electrical equipment and wiring in power plants, electrical distribution systems, and residential and commercial buildings.
  • Electronics drafters produce wiring diagrams, assembly diagrams for circuit boards, and layout drawings used in manufacturing and in installing and repairing electronic devices and components.
  • Mechanical drafters prepare layouts that show the details for a variety of machinery and mechanical tools and devices, such as medical equipment. These layouts indicate dimensions, fastening methods, and other requirements for assembly. Mechanical drafters sometimes create production molds.

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