Importance of Industrial Training for Engineering Students

Industrial Training

It is a widely known fact that today all the engineering and technical courses have project based training as a part of their curriculum. The objective behind this is to increase the knowledge of the students on the various innovative and latest technologies and to provide a platform to students where they can get the real-time exposure of the corporate world. Let’s discuss the importance of Industrial Training for engineering students.

6 months training for Engineering Students is imperative because it is the best way to acquire as much mastery about their field as possible which helps in building confidence of the students. Training helps learners to acquire the latest techniques, skills, methodologies and to build a strong foundation for their career growth. 

Engineering students have to do this industrial training under any technology of any company or industry under the supervisor of the company. It is not only compulsory for the students of Computer science, but also mechanical engineering students, civil engineering students, and other engineering courses. Industrial training has been made mandatory for students who are pursuing technical courses.

Benefits Of Industrial Training

We all have faced one common problem which is practical knowledge. Most of the freshers are unable to get desired jobs due to lack of practical and live experience. This is a main issue of unemployment because even after completing graduation or post-graduation degrees, students are not getting a job. Due to this, freshers face depression and family pressure which lead to mental stress. Industrial training is the best option to overcome this problem.

Today many companies and institutes provide industrial training to pass out students to get a job. This training helps students in getting practical knowledge and live experience for current industry work scenarios. After attending industrial training students get better job opportunities and career options.

Practical Knowledge –In industrial training, you will get practical knowledge about technologies and the work environment. It will help you to understand exactly how companies actually work. In industrial training, trainers focus on a live approach and provide projects which feel like corporate culture.

Job Opportunity – Industrial training helps students to get better job opportunities. After completion of training sometimes, training companies can hire you on the basis of your performance.

Start Your Own Business – Industrial training helps to start your own business if you have entrepreneur’s skills. You can also work from home. You can work as a freelancer and earn more money but you have to take industrial training from a well and understand each concept carefully.

Helps In Finding Your Career- Lots of training and knowledge will clear you, about your interested areas, then decision making for a career will be easy. Students are always in a dilemma: which technology is good for them? And industrial training helps in this situation.

Situational Knowledge – It will increase your situational knowledge and help you to deal with complex conditions. Because industrial training is not ordinary training while in this you are performing as an employee and working for a training company. 

Factors to be taken into consideration while going for industrial training!

There are some factors which you should take care of while doing industrial training.

  • You have to go regularly for industrial training in the institute.
  • Write down the notes in the proper way which the faculty members of the institute provide you there in the session of training.
  • Do practicals of every theoretical concept taught to you by the faculty member.
  • Actively participate in your minor and major project that you have to submit in the university.

Main Purpose of Industrial Training!

Basically, the primary use of industrial training is getting better knowledge. Industrial training is vital for job-oriented opportunities and skills development. Students gain practical experience of working in the industry through practical industrial training, and when they go for a job, they do not feel any difficulty working in the industry. Students would learn to come at a proper time, work with making appropriate worksheets through industrial training. Students do not feel the pressure of working in the industry when they go for a job in reality.

Industrial training is useful for students in many aspects. This has been specially created to benefit the students of all streams, especially those who are doing technical courses like, BCA, B.E, M.E, M.Tech, MCA, and other professional courses. Significant importance of the industrial training includes;

  • Students will become fully disciplined employees to work in the industry of the company after completing graduation and post-graduation.
  • Students become skillful employees who are always ready to work when they begin to take their first step in the industry. It is because students become skillful by the practical industrial training at the institution and get the real experience of working in the industry.
  • Students become mature in doing the tasks given to them in the actual industrial training.


Industrial training generally refers to getting work experience, which is vital for the students to develop professional skills before completing graduation and post-graduation. Students get a chance to join the company through industrial training, which is essential for their trust and subjects.

Industrial training generally is of 3 months or 6 months for engineering students. Students usually complete their industrial training within this period. Industrial training aims to provide the students of all fields with real work experience in a particular field.

Students also get a certificate of industrial training for their future records. In college or university, students only gain theoretical knowledge. So, students must go for industrial training to get practical experience.

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